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Your donation to the Cancer Coping Center will help enable it to sustain its mission of helping others afflicted with cancer. We operate on the notion that throwing up one's hands and feeling helpless is not good enough. We take action. The money raised goes directly to supporting the programs and services which are offered free of charge to cancer patients, their families and caregivers. Note that there are several ways to make a donation to the Cancer Coping Center. Please consider one of the following methods to make your donation.


To Make A Donation By Donating Your Unwanted Jewelry:

You can donate your unwanted jewelry to Cancer Coping Center and Charms 4 Charities will pick up, appraise, file the appropriate tax forms, and sell the jewelry to a gold refinery or jewelry dealer. Cancer Coping Center will obtain 70% of the net proceeds. Call Jackie to get started at (877) 411-3662.


To Make A Donation By Donating An Unwanted Vehicle:

Put your unwanted car, boat, motorhome or truck to good use. It is easier than selling the vehicle, and you'll get a tax receipt. The Cancer Coping Center accepts vehicle donations. Please visit the Center for CAR Donations or call the toll free number 1-877-411-3662 to make your vehicle donation.

Alternatively, you can donate your unwanted vehicle through Donate Car USA

Cash for Clunkers may not be right for you. Find out how you can still receive tax and other benefits and help our cause when you Donate a Car.


To Make A Donation Online:

Cancer Coping Center now accepts online donations via PayPal! To donate, please click the "Make a Donation" button below.


To Make A Donation By Shopping:

The Cancer Coping Center is a registered nonprofit charity with GoodShop, an organization providing a means for social conscious consumers to give by shopping at businesses working with GoodShop. When you visit the GoodShop, please designate Cancer Coping Center as your charity. As such, when you make a purchase through participating businesses such as, or, or HP or other businesses, a percentage (average 3%) of your purchase will go to Cancer Coping Center. Please visit the GoodShop for more information on learning how to give by shopping.


To Make A Donation By Searching the Internet:

The Cancer Coping Center is a registered nonprofit charity with GoodSearch, a search engine which donates a percentage of advertising revenue to registered charities. When you use the search engine, simply designate Cancer Coping Center as your charity to donate and then search the Internet.


To Make A Donation By Regular Mail Using A Check:

If you prefer to mail a check or money order, please make checks payable to the "Cancer Coping Center" and mail your donation to:

Cancer Coping Center
4542 Shorepointe Way
San Diego, CA 92130


Other Gifts

Gifts of Personal Property:

Valuable collections such as works of art, rare books, paintings or antiques can be subject to estate taxes. By donating such items at some point in your lifetime, you not only lessen your taxable estate but also decrease your taxable income in the year of the gift.

Gifts of Stocks & Bonds:

You can select to give a gift of appreciated securities in order to benefit from tax advantages. You can obtain an income tax deduction equal to the fair-market value of the securities, as well as reduce � or do away with � capital gains taxes on the transfer.

Gifts of Life Insurance:

You may make a contribution of life insurance to the Cancer Coping Center by naming the Cancer Coping Center as owner, primary or successor beneficiary, or irrevocable beneficiary of a whole life policy. The gift may be a paid-up policy, an existing policy with cash value, or a new policy.

Employer Matching Gift Programs:

Many employers offer matching gift programs that can double your gift. Please ask if such a program exists at your place of work.

In-Kind Gifts:

We also accept in-kind gifts. The Cancer Coping Center has received gifts of goods and services from various supporters. These may include equipment, supplies, consulting services, design services, legal services, and program services.

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you for your interest in making a donation.

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