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Our Wish List

Office Equipment & Supplies:
Laser ink cartridges
New laptop computer (We use a laptop to provide presentations to potential partners. Our current laptop is missing keys as well as other functionality and is in need of replacement.)
Projector and screen
Signage for events and for displaying art
Polo shirts, baseball caps, and aprons (We would like to have embroidered polo shirts, baseball caps, and aprons with our logo so that volunteers can wear these items to events, or sessions or workshops and be recognized.)
Professional name tags for our volunteers (e.g., formica engraved)
Marketing collateral (We need marketing collateral to provide information at community events and health fairs.)
Brochures (We need more brochures)
Trade show display (We participate in community events and a display would really help communicate information to the public)
Video montage will help us communicate the mission of the Cancer Coping Center
Venue (We are always in need of a venue to hold our volunteer orientations and center events)
Awning/tent will provide us shelter from the sun during our participation at health fairs and community events

Arts and Crafts supplies:
The wonderful students of San Diego State University's chapter of the American Medical Students Association provided all art supplies on our wish list. These supplies will help us with our upcoming creative workshops and sessions. We are grateful and deeply appreciate the efforts of these students.

Consulting Services
Web design
Event marketing & promotion
Donor recruitment
Grant writing
Photography services

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