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Volunteer Opportunities

A Note from a Cancer Coping Center Volunteer

I feel so lucky to be a part of the Cancer Coping Center, to experience the growth of a nonprofit and be given the courage and opportunity to fight cancer with creativity and even humor . . . And being in the radiation oncology waiting room, listening to people, the ebb of hopes and fears before and after treatment--these things I will carry with me. It was exciting to see hands of all ability levels contributing to the growing cluster of cranes [the art of Origami to make paper cranes for a thousand cranes project]. Staff, family, friends, patients and children were able to express hope and healing through colors, notes on the cranes, group puzzles. For some, the cranes were a distraction from the tension in the waiting room, for others the emergence of bird from a flat paper was a symbol of resilience. It was a thing of beauty that radiation could be used as a healing force--a far cry from Hiroshima. I met with the same patients week after week and got to hear their stories, thoughts, how they were doing, how could I make them more comfortable. I became a self-proclaimed patient advocate--giving new patients a welcome packet and reassurance, celebrating with those who had come in for a final treatment. I wanted to say thank you for having this vision and creating the Cancer Coping Center. My experience being [with] patients made me realize that I wish to serve as a patient advocate and nurse.


Make a difference…

Has someone in your life been touched by cancer? or Do you know someone battling cancer? Have you wanted to help them but felt helpless? The Cancer Coping Center provides an opportunity to help others who are suffering. You can make a difference!

We are always in need of volunteers who would like to help us in conducting creative workshops for our clients. Cancer Coping Center provides opportunities for volunteers to learn new skills, meet new friends, collaborate with others, and most importantly, volunteer for a worthwhile cause. Volunteers serve as facilitators for Cancer Coping Center designed creative workshops in various expressive art modalities such as journaling, poetry, visual arts, or culinary arts. Volunteers provide a creative process for children, teens or adults. Workshops are designed to be two hours in duration with at least 15 minutes for set up and 15 minutes for clean up of supplies. There is no minimum or maximum number of times an individual may volunteer.

In order to serve as a volunteer, please submit a resume or CV. You may share your art portfolio if one is available. A short interview will be conducted by the Executive Director to determine a fit with the organization. A list of volunteers with their areas of expertise and availability will be kept on file at the Cancer Coping Center offices. All supplies for the art workshops will be provided by the Cancer Coping Center.

Additionally you may help us in our main office with a variety of administrative activities. Please contact our office for more information.


Volunteer San Diego

The Cancer Coping Center is registered with Volunteer San Diego, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps individuals, families, and corporate and community groups find volunteer opportunities at more than 800 diverse service organizations and schools throughout the county.


Volunteer Match

The Cancer Coping Center is registered with Volunteer Match, an organization dedicated to placing volunteers in nonprofit organizations.

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